White Costume Yarn Beard

White Costume Yarn Beard

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Can't grow your own beard? We've got you covered!

These yarn beards are the perfect addition to a Halloween costume! They can also be used as a theater or role-playing prop, and are even great for outdoor winter activities to keep your face warm.

Use them to channel your inner Viking, elf, lumberjack, wizard, or even Santa!

Our fake beards are available in a variety of colors to match your hair or your costume. We also offer special orders in any color combination you can dream of! If you are interested in a specific color you don't see in our shop, send us a message on our contact page and we will be happy to create the beard of your dreams for you!

Each beard is held on by a piece of thin elastic. Head sizes vary so the standard length of elastic will fit a large head but can be cut and tied to fit each individual person.

Please note, length/weight may vary from beard to beard as each one is handmade. Colors may appear slightly different in person than on your current viewing screen. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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