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Valhalla Beard Oil // Frankincense Cypress Cedarwood Beard Balm

Valhalla Beard Oil // Frankincense Cypress Cedarwood Beard Balm

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Immerse yourself in Viking life with our Valhalla beard oil. Featuring frankincense, cypress, and cedarwood essential oils, Valhalla will leave your beard feeling nourished while stimulating hair growth!

Ingredients and Benefits

-Almond Oil: High in antioxidants and absorbs easily into the skin and hair. Can help protect against UV damage while softening the skin.

-Jojoba Oil: Similar to the oil our skin produces naturally, it is rich and moisturizing while encouraging hair growth, soothing the skin, and unclogging hair follicles.

-Frankincense Essential Oil: Has natural astringent properties while soothing and reducing inflammation, stimulating hair growth, and leaving a healthy shine.

-Cypress Essential Oil: Increases blood circulation and capillary strength which stimulates hair follicles for optimal hair growth.

-Cedarwood Essential Oil: Has antiseptic properties while moisturizing and stimulating circulation.

To Use: Rub a few drops into your palms. Massage the oil into your beard and skin. The amount of oil needed will vary with the length/thickness of your beard.
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