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Fenrir Beard Balm // Tea Tree Lavender Beard Balm

Fenrir Beard Balm // Tea Tree Lavender Beard Balm

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Immerse yourself in Viking life with our Fenrir beard balm. Featuring tea tree and lavender essential oils, Fenrir beard balm will leave your beard clean and healthy while stimulating hair growth and giving a mild hold.

Ingredients and Benefits

-Olive Oil: Prevents cell damage while nourishing and conditioning the hair

-Shea Butter: Smoothes and softens hair follicles, promotes growth and helps to seal in moisture

-Beeswax: Acts as a light hold styling product while repelling dirt and grime to keep the hair shiny

-Coconut Oil: Softens hair while protecting outer layers. Also has antimicrobial properties.

-Argan Oil: Helps to heal dry hair and skin while soothing and protecting against damage

-Tea Tree Oil: With both antibacterial and antifungal properties, tea tree oil helps to prevent dry beard and can help promote hair growth.

-Lavender Oil: Helps to reduce dryness and cracking of beard follicles.

To Use: After washing, rub a small amount between your palms and massage into beard. Amount of product needed will vary by beard length/fullness
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